As of 1st March 2018 all items purchased from our website will have the customary 10% GST added to them upon checkout.

We have been absorbing this for quite some time but we have had no option but to add it to every order sold within Australia to comply with the local tax laws and make the GST component easily transparent for all orders.

This does not mean it is more money for us but it is to help with accounting and in the long run will help improve our website.

It will also help many businesses that buy from us to make the GST component visible and easier to claim back if applicable.

This GST (VAT known in Europe) does not affect any sales to our international customers as they will still remain GST free.



Currently our workshop is closed for any large repairs due to our work load but I can help out with some smaller jobs.

Also please see the company below if you require any electrical/electronic repairs.

If you have a faulty CDI or require something tested or even need some key coding done on a later model bike then this company is the leader in OZ.



Motorcycle Transponder Key Programming