Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23A , 'Lucky Strike'.

Here is one of our VJ23 Suzuki's. It has undergone some interesting modification so far but there is more planned in the future.

This is basically a standard bike but so far the complete front end has been replaced with an Ohlins Superbike front end complete with custom adjustable triple clamps.

Front wheel is a 3.75 x 17 Marchesini forged magnesium with a custom machined alloy axle. Front brakes are AP racing 6 pot calipers all coupled to a Brembo 18 x 19 forged front master cylinder.

Rear wheel is also a Marchesini forged magnesium 5.5 x 17 item with a custom sprocket carrier and a TZ250 rear disk rotor. Rear caliper is a AP racing GP caliper with a custom machined carrier for it.

Rear shock is a modified GSXR Ohlins unit complete with hydraulic preload adjustment to complement the front forks.

Exhaust is a full Sugaya system which is matched to the Sugaya R2 CDI which takes care of all the sparking arrangements.

Cylinder heads have been machined to improve efficiency and rideability.

Jetting is relatively standard but we have manufactured a special set of needles to improve low RPM performance as these bikes can have a tendancy to fuel up when ridden slowly on the road once race chambers and race CDI are fitted.

There is so much more that needs to be done to this bike and slowly in time it will progress further.