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Awesomely popular little v-twin pocket rocket. Great midrange and reasonably reliable. Many quality parts as you would expect from Honda. Famous companies such as HRC and JHA make awesome power up parts for them. Has the trick looking single sided swingarm and innovative credit card style ignition.

These are more complex to de-restrict than the MC21 due to the tightening of Japanese laws in 1993. There was however several types of PGM cards available to unleash extra performance but for race use only. To make any of the performance cards work you were advised to purchase a race harness or modify the standard one which when used would also disable the speedometer function.

New cards (STD or HRC) are no longer available to purchase and used cards need to be re-coded to work on another ECU.

Should you have a MC28 and require PGM card re-coding then we suggest you contact the guys at www.ecumeistro.com and they can put you on the right track.

Honda NSR250 MC28